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Personal Mail Service

Package and U.S. Mail Forwarding Services

Get a U.S. mailing address

Use your U.S. mailing address to receive items in Nepal. Shop online and receive your purchases. Receive mail, packages, and faxes from anyone.

  • View your mailbox contents and have us forward them to you
  • Order package or mail forwarding services to Nepal
  • Order scans for documents that you need to urgently review
  • U.S. magazine subscriptions

We will provide you with a physical U.S. address:

Instant scans

Do you need to urgently review a letter or document? With your authorization and request, YalaMart will open the envelope and scan the contents for a small fee. Completely private and confidential!

Complete control

You'll know what has arrived as soon as it reaches us. You decide when you want your stuff re mailed to you. Remailing is done after we let you know what the customs, VAT and shipping will cost and your payment is made online or at our office (Members can get payment pickup and delivery, see http://harilo.com/membership for details). Every fortnight we have a shipment to Nepal!

You decide in every instance where you want your shipment sent to. Traveling? No problem. We can hold your shipment until it is convenient for you.

YalaMart shipping rates are substantially lower than FEDEX, UPS, DHL published rates. It is easy to consolidate packages and save on shipping.


Establish a virtual office

Get a U.S. mailing address and phone for your business to sell in the U.S. Receive U.S. mail and packages and manage them online. Distribute your products and use our order fulfillment and inventory services to distribute your products

  • Reach retail customers in the U.S. and all over the world
  • Establish an internet presence and sell online. Market as a U.S. company
  • Market direct mail to customers with a U.S. postal mark or use our Mail forwarding services

Take advantage of our business services today


Personal Shopper

Your new best friend in the U.S.

What is it?

For just $10 extra, a YalaMart staff will personally go to a store in North Carolina and order and pick up your items for you! Picked up items will then be put in the next shipment to KTM that leaves every Fortnight.


Here are some of the benefits of using YalaMart's personal shoppers -

  • Pick up items last minute to make it on time for Every Fifteen Day's container
  • Get your items faster
  • Stores like IKEA don't offer all products online
  • Just $10 extra per store
  • Sometimes cheaper if a store charges domestic shipping to ship to our North Carolina warehouse

Stores that are eligible

The following stores have pretty much everything you could possibly think of and need. But let us know in the comments section below what other stores you are interested in and we will add the most popular stores to this list!

How to use this service?

The ordering process is exactly the same as before - just submit the URL of any product you want to buy but leave a note on your order that you would like it to be picked up by a YalaMart personal shopper. That's it!

Any rules?

Just a few -

  • You have to pay by 6pm (Nepal Standard Time) on Saturday to get last minute items
  • To prevent spam on the system, this service is available for gold members and higher only
  • Service is pending the availability of YalaMart personal shoppers