About Yalamart


YalaMart is an Online Shopping Destination with widest range of Selection for Products and Services.  To mention few, you can use Yalamart to buy any genuine product from authentic site, to buy any micro or macro product from any mega store like Amazon,AliExperss,Ebay etc, for digital payment of software, games or gift cards, to buy E Books, to subscribe International Magazines, to get and send gifts around the globe etc. The mission of Yalamart is to be one stop solution for the customers to fulfill their every necessity. The four Pillars of Yalamart are Accessibility and Simplicity, Speed and Organization, Trust and Security, and Communication and Customer Service.

On1st January 2020, Yalamart has been empowered as authorized distributor of XP-PEN, World's Leading Graphic Tablet Company, for Nepal.

If you have any queries, feel free to mail us at info@yalamart.com or call us at 9808551921.




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Shop from international online websites and send to Nepal

What YalaMart Does for You

  • Our services allow people in Nepal to buy goods from U.S. retailers, and pay with Nepali rupees (or US dollars).
  • We then ship the goods to Kathmandu & pay customs and V.A.T. on your behalf! Every package can be tracked online through our website.
  • Our service is a safe, fun way to enjoy the enormous selection of goods available in the U.S. marketplace right from your computer.
  • You can buy from popular U.S. retail websites, from amazon, eBay Buy It Now and even from U.S. wholesalers. Take a look at recommended shops popular with our customers, or our latest deals.


Who Uses YalaMart?

  • Anyone living in Nepal (from expats to Nepalis) can use YalaMart's services to receive packages ordered online at any US based website.
  • Nepali business people who do not want to spend money on buying trips to the US - they save money on air plane tickets, hotels and food (not to mention expensive visa fees).
  • INGOs, NGOs and charities who need to order specialized equipment, receive donations or need to buy wholesale goods.
  • NRNs who want to send gifts back home to friends and family in Nepal.

People living in Nepal now enjoy the same services as U.S. citizens. Each customer chooses whether they would like to pay in Nepali rupees or US dollars. Stores in the U.S. typically do not ship overseas. Using YalaMart package consolidation and international shipping services lets them buy just as if they were on a shopping trip to the United States.

For customers who may find that their credit card is not acceptable to some U.S. websites. We accept wire transfers, Nepali rupees or dollars.

YalaMart and its distribution partners, who have been delivering goods worldwide for decades, have developed technologies and processes which have positioned YalaMart as the premier forwarding service from the US to Nepal. YalaMart employees are behind the scenes from the time your shipments are sent to our warehouse in North Carolina to their arrival at our office in Kathmandu, ensuring that every step is completed in a timely manner. From the active tracking of inbound and outbound shipments to and from the YalaMart warehouse, to ensuring the proper packaging is used to protect your goods, YalaMart employees are working tirelessly to ensure you have a positive experience.


How did YalaMart start?

Tired of asking friends to bring items back from abroad, they looked to create a way for people in Nepal to get goods that much of the world takes for granted. While online shopping has become an everyday thing in many countries, it seemed unfortunate that the infrastructure to accommodate people in Nepal had been left out and YalaMart was formed to fill that gap. YalaMart offers that bridge that connects Nepal to the world of online shopping.


What's next

In the future we hope to expand the areas of Nepal that we serve and further down the road we hope to include online shopping from wider range of countries in the world.

Our goal is to provide a simple and cost effective solution to the ever growing international market. Whether you are in Nepal looking for products in the US, or you are a US business looking to expand worldwide, YalaMart is the company for you. Get what you want, where you want it!

If you have suggestions or are in need of services not shown on our site, contact us and we will strive to meet your needs.


How to use

Shopping from US retailers has never been easier for you!

  1. Browse any US online retailer. You can choose from any of the thousands of online shopping sites in the US. Need advice on shopping in the US? Click here for a list of online stores to get you started.
  2. Use the Estimate Prices page to check the total cost of getting your item to Nepal.
    1. Search for the category
    2. Click on the category name
    3. Enter the item price, domestic shipping, weight, length, width and height
    4. Click the Calculate button
    5. Based on your input, the total price will be shown
    6. If you would like to order the item, simply click Add to cart. This will bring you to the Start Shopping page.
  3. After you have selected which items you would like to buy, copy the url/link
  4. Paste it into the shopping cart
  5. Let us know how many of the items you would like
  6. In the comments section please note your size, or color preferences, or any details you would like to include in order for us to place an order for you. Then add additional items urls, if you are done, click Add to cart
  7. We will notify you by email within 24 hrs of your quote. Your quote will include the total price in Nepali rupees of the item price, shipping cost to Nepal, customs fees, and VAT. You confirm the quote with us, pay at our office and we place your order!
  8. When your package arrives at our facility in NC, YalaMart staff will send you an email notification. As a YalaMart customer, you have 24/7 access to your online account information, including status of all received merchandise.
  9. Our shipping experts carefully prepare your package for shipment to you, including the required international paperwork. You are notified by e-mail when a shipment leaves our warehouse; we provide the tracking number so you can monitor your package's progress. Typically your package will arrive in Kathmandu within 7-10 days from when it arrives at our warehouse in NC.
  10. Once your package arrives at our office in Kathmandu after clearing customs, we will call you and arrange for delivery to your home or you can pick up your package at our conveniently located central Kathmandu office.


Shipping and Customs

The staff at YalaMart will handle all shipping and customs charges for you. When we give you a quote for your items, shipping, customs and VAT are already factored into the price. Generally speaking, the heavier an item is the more it will cost to ship, and this will be recorded in the quoted price. Additionally, how quickly you want the item delivered will change the price, generally if you don't need your items shipped express we can reduce the price significantly.



Shipping will be done in two stages. You will be able to select if you would like the item shipped to you as cheaply as possible or as fast as possible. This applied both to domestic shipping in the US and the international shipping to Nepal.



Customs rates vary widely in Nepal according to what type of consumer good you order. Some items are, unfortunately, prohibited. Although we will calculate and add in the customs costs for you, to give you an idea of what these costs are, feel free to browse the document below if you would like to know what the customs charge will be for a specific item or browse popular categories to see what other users are ordering. There are also items that cannot be shipped into Nepal.


Restricted  Items

Unfortunately, there are some items that we can not bring into Nepal due to the item being banned for import, or a lack of ability to transport the item or a requirement of a special approval to import such product . Items that we can not purchase and ship for you include:

  • Jewelry
  • Precious Metals
  • Beef Products
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Narcotics
  • Perishable Items
  • Personal Effects
  • Long Range Walkie Talkies
  • Currencies, Coins
  • Batteries
  • Aerosol Items
  • Body spray, Perfumes


YalaMart Return Policy

YalaMart continuously strives to offer its customers the highest quality of service. We stand behind the authenticity and operability of each item we buy in the US. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may initiate a return of the item to our warehouse in the U.S., subject to the following conditions.

  1. Returned merchandise must be re-packed in its original packaging and shipping box.
  2. Returns must be sent to YalaMart within 7 days from the date you received them.
  3. Your original Sales Invoice must be included in your return package.
  4. Merchandise must be unused and in the same condition as it was shipped. Merchandise that has been used, altered, or damaged will not be accepted.
  5. If merchandise was originally shipped with a security tag, the returned item must still have that tag attached, unaltered and intact. Do not remove the security tag until you are certain you will not be returning the item. If you attempt to remove the tag, it will void itself.
  6. A cash refund will be issued for 100% of the purchase price, less shipping and insurance costs incurred by YalaMart in the US (for example, as the result of a free shipping promotion) and internationally (you will have to pay to have the item returned to our warehouse in North Carolina). Refunds will not include any shipping or insurance costs you incur in receiving the item or in returning the item to us.
  7. Refunds also will not include any customs or import duties, brokerage fees, or taxes paid on shipments.
  8. Returns are subject to the originating store's policy and time frames and the customer is liable for all charges levied by the store.

All Ebay items are considered Final Sale and not returnable unless the item description was materially inaccurate and has been confirmed by YalaMart. YalaMart reserves the right to block any user from the website who abuses the Return Policy and continually returns merchandise.


Return Instructions & Return Authorization:

Please email info@YalaMart.com or leave a comment on your item to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number if you wish to return an item. Returns must be sent to YalaMart within 7 days from the date you received the item. Once you receive an RMA number from YalaMart, you must perform the following steps to receive proper credit for the return: Re-pack your merchandise in its original packaging and shipping box. Write the RMA number on the outside of the box. You will receive the total amount due,to insure your package for the full value of the merchandise and return it to our warehouse in the US shipped by a traceable carrier such as UPS. Check your email. We will notify you once your return has been processed.


Receiving A Refund:

If , you paid by wire transfer, we can wire funds to you or send you a check. Every effort will be made to ensure a prompt refund. An email notification will be sent once the return has been processed.



For members we are happy to offer return shipping coverage back to the U.S. as per http://YalaMart.com/pricing if you choose to send an item to the U.S. for repair. This covers international shipping only and the customer will have to pay to get the item forwarded from the warehouse to the seller after which the customer is liable for all charges levied by the seller for repairs. As per Nepal customs rules you cannot ship repaired items with consolidated shipping so the customer will have to pay for express shipping back to KTM. After we receive payment for shipping we will ship the repaired item to the customer directly (the YalaMart office cannot receive express shipping packages) via express shipping using a carrier of your choice after which the customer is liable for all customs charges to receive the item in KTM.


Shipping Returned Merchandise:

We recommend customers ship returned merchandise via UPS or insured parcel post for tracking purposes. YalaMart does not take any responsibility for reimbursement or compensation in the event that any returned packages are lost, stolen, or mishandled. We do not refund shipping or insurance costs to NC or to the seller.


Items Damaged in Shipping:

YalaMart is not responsible for items lost or damaged in shipping. However, all packages are insured; if your item is lost or damaged, please hold onto the item, with the original packaging, and call us immediately at 9808551921. We will contact the freight provider on your behalf and file an insurance claim. Once freight provider has approved and paid the claim to YalaMart, we will forward the applicable amount to you (note: original insurance cost is not refundable).


Rebates and free items included in orders

YalaMart is unable to claim rebates or guarantee delivery of free items or coupons included in orders.



Package and U.S. Mail Forwarding Services

Namaste [Customer name]

Your current membership is Limited. You need to be a Platinum member or higher to use YalaMart's Package and U.S. Mail forwarding services.

Get a U.S. mailing address

Use your U.S. mailing address to receive items in Nepal. Shop online and receive your purchases. Receive mail, packages, and faxes from anyone.

  • View your mailbox contents and have us forward them to you
  • Order package or mail forwarding services to Nepal
  • Order scans for documents that you need to urgently review
  • U.S. magazine subscriptions

We will provide you with a physical U.S. address similar to:


Your Name

2500 Towergate

Suite B-(Your customer number)

Winston- Salem, NC 27100

Instant scans

Do you need to urgently review a letter or document? With your authorization and request, YalaMart will open the envelope and scan the contents for a small fee. Completely private and confidential!

Complete control

You'll know what has arrived as soon as it reaches us. You decide when you want your stuff re mailed to you. Remailing is done after we let you know what the customs, VAT and shipping will cost and your payment is made online or at our office (Members can get payment pickup and delivery, see http://harilo.com/membership for details). Every fortnight we have a shipment to Nepal!

You decide in every instance where you want your shipment sent to. Traveling? No problem. We can hold your shipment until it is convenient for you.

YalaMart shipping rates are substantially lower than FEDEX, UPS, DHL published rates. It is easy to consolidate packages and save on shipping.


Establish a virtual office

Get a U.S. mailing address and phone for your business to sell in the U.S. Receive U.S. mail and packages and manage them online. Distribute your products and use our order fulfillment and inventory services to distribute your products

  • Reach retail customers in the U.S. and all over the world
  • Establish an internet presence and sell online. Market as a U.S. company
  • Market direct mail to customers with a U.S. postal mark or use our Mail forwarding services

Take advantage of our business services today


Personal Shopper

Your new best friend in the U.S.

What is it?

For just $10 extra, a YalaMart staff will personally go to a store in North Carolina and order and pick up your items for you! Picked up items will then be put in the next shipment to KTM that leaves every Fortnight.


Here are some of the benefits of using YalaMart's personal shoppers -

  • Pick up items last minute to make it on time for Every Fifteen Day's container
  • Get your items faster
  • Stores like IKEA don't offer all products online
  • Just $10 extra per store
  • Sometimes cheaper if a store charges domestic shipping to ship to our North Carolina warehouse

Stores that are eligible

The following stores have pretty much everything you could possibly think of and need. But let us know in the comments section below what other stores you are interested in and we will add the most popular stores to this list!

How to use this service?

The ordering process is exactly the same as before - just submit the URL of any product you want to buy but leave a note on your order that you would like it to be picked up by a YalaMart personal shopper. That's it!

Any rules?

Just a few -

  • You have to pay by 6pm (Nepal Standard Time) on Saturday to get last minute items
  • To prevent spam on the system, this service is available for gold members and higher only
  • Service is pending the availability of YalaMart personal shoppers