Why everything seems expensive at Yalamart compared to US or international Shopiing site?


Why shall I choose Yalamart for shopping?



How soon will I receive my items?

For standard shipping we have containers leaving on Every Fifteen Days. After the container leaves NC, it usually take 7 days to reach Kathmandu.

Your item needs to reach our warehouse by Saturday night to make it on the Every Fifteen Days shipment. Mail is not delivered on Sundays in the U.S. Please look at the domestic shipping on the item you want at the retailers' website to determine how long it will take your item to reach our warehouse. Items from eBay, Aliexpress, GearBest can take up to 20 business days since it depends on the seller.

On the other hand, items sold and shipped by Amazon.com take only 2-3 business days to reach our warehouse in North Carolina! If you want express shipping from the retailer, please let us know when you place your quote request, and we will be happy to help you.

How long are my quotes valid for?

Quotes are valid for 7 days to protect both parties from fluctuations in exchange rates. However, YalaMart reserves the right to cancel a quote if the buy price goes up by $5 or 5%.

Can I pay after my order has arrived?

No. YalaMart places your order upon payment. We also give you a tracking number from DHL so you know where your item is at all times. After being in business for a year we haven't lost or damaged a single item. We’re also affiliated with all the big banks in Nepal - NMB Bank, Nabil Bank and Mega Bank.

Why is the shipping cost sometimes different for items of similar sizes and weights?

Shipping prices depend on the size and weight but also on the category and price of the item since it includes various fees like insurance, service charges, packing costs, and customs clearance fees. Another reason is that exchange rates vary daily. International freight rates also change frequently and depend on the carrier similar to why a plane ticket from A to B can vary from one day to the next even though the origin and destination is the same.

I have not received my quote yet. Why not?

Quotes are done on a priority system. To get faster quotes, become a member (see http://YalaMart.com/membership).
Also we are closed on Saturday. Quotes requested on Friday (after office hours) will be answered only on Sunday.

Why should I join the membership program?

YalaMart is free to use but some members are more equal than others. Members can get free home delivery, faster quotes, discounts and other services (see http://YalaMart.com/membership).

How can I pay for membership?

Please Click here to see various option to make the payment.

Does YalaMart provide an additional warranty on the goods I purchase?

No, we do not provide additional product warranties. Before purchasing an item, be sure to check the company's warranty policy. In the unlikely event that an item is unsatisfactory and needs to be shipped back to the US, our team would be happy to assist you. You need to ship the item to seller's address. If the seller provides the refund, we will return you the equivalent amount in Nepali Rupees. If the seller sends the replacement, you would have to pay for shipping, customs and VAT for the replacement item.

I don't live in Kathmandu. Can YalaMart courier items to my home?

Yes, we are delivering in major cities of the Nepal via third party courier company. The order will be delivered in 2-3 days.You will need to pay extra for domestic courier charge.

What if I do not receive my order?

You would get the full refund if  you do not get your order or we are unable to process your order.

What if the delivery of the order exceeds the expected date of arrival mentioned by the yalamart staff at the time of order?

Yalamart should not be held responsible for the late delivery of the order. The order has to go through various steps before we could deliver it to our customers. Payment by customer (payment clearing in case of check), order placement date, order delivery at our US warehouse by the seller, schedule of our next shipment, international shipping time period, customs clearance and finally checking at our office. The seller and our frieght provider do not guarantee the delivery time period and we have to work on the estimation time period provided by them.  

My cab ride costs more than my order - is there a way to shop on YalaMart without coming in person to pay for each order?

If you don't have a credit card , you can open a NRS  account with YalaMart in which you can make deposits and withdrawals during our office hours. You can then use your balance towards any purchase on YalaMart. We created this option by popular demand from users who don't have credit cards but want to shop on YalaMart for small items without having to come to the office to pay for each order. You can check your account balance anytime on the website.

What stores are eligible?

You can purchase from any store in the U.S., China, U.K, Australia that sells online and has delivery option to our US warehouse address. Some of our favorites are AmazoneBayBest Buy, Walmart and Aliexpress


Why is this better than having a friend bring things back for me?

It's not. But YalaMart's law says the number of things you ask friends to bring back for you when they travel and the frequency with which you ask is inversely proportional to the number of friends you have left.

Why is this better than ordering things on my own and having them shipped to Nepal?

YalaMart offers five key benefits. The first is that it allows Nepalis to purchase items in our local currency, Rupees. No store in the U.S. will do that and it's difficult to convert Rupees into dollars. The second is that if you shop online you invariably need a credit card or a foreign bank account which automatically excludes most Nepalis. The third is economy of scale - the shipping rates we get since we ship in large containers is much better than if you shipped one or two items - we are then able to transfer these savings on to you. The fourth benefit is that we have a warehouse in North Carolina that we can first ship your orders to and then forward to Nepal. Few stores in the U.S. ship internationally and even fewer ship to Nepal. Finally, we take care of all the details. Place an order with us and we deal with shipping, customs, and if you're close enough we'll even deliver to your home.